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CANARIE National Summit

September 8, 2014

1QBit Co-founder and CEO Andrew Fursman will give a presentation on September 17, 2014 in Toronto. Drawing on recent experiences as part of 1QBit and in the Vancouver technology start-up environment, the presentation will explore the costs and benefits for young technology businesses growing, and then remaining, in Canada.

Summit programme

1QBit at D-Wave Users Colloquium

September 6, 2014

1QBit will be presenting in the colloquium subtitled “Hard Computational Problems for the D-Wave Machine” on September 10, 2014. Researcher Maritza Hernandez will deliver a presentation on the classification of molecular compounds using a quantum computer.

Colloquium agenda

D-Wave Announces Partnerships

June 9, 2014

D-Wave announces two new partnerships as part of its application ecosystem. DNA-SEQ Alliance is highlighted along with 1QBit as companies developing software applications that take advantage of D-Wave’s unique quantum computing capabilities.

Quantum computing will reach its full potential through collaborative partnerships with pioneering organizations like DNA-SEQ and 1QBit, who are working to solve incredibly complex problems. Combining our expertise and technology with experts in fields like cancer research and finance is starting to produce remarkable results.

– Vern Brownell, CEO, D-Wave Systems

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Exponential Finance Conference

April 21, 2014

1QBit is looking forward to presenting in theNetworks and Computer Systems session on June 10, 2014. Come hear our Head of Research, Dr. Phil Goddard, discuss the application of quantum computers to solving large-scale optimization problems encountered in the finance industry.

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1QBit at NASA

January 27, 2014

1QBit joined researchers from NASA’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (QuAIL) and the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) for a research sharing workshop. 1QBit and QuAIL each presented several ongoing projects for discussion.

QuAIL website

JP Morgan Conference

October 11, 2013

1QBit is proud to be co-presenting with D-Wave Systems, Inc. at the annual JP Morgan Equity Quantitative Conference in London, UK. Our Head of Research and co-founder Dr. Phil Goddard, along with Murray Thom, a research engineer from D-Wave, is giving a presentation titled “Implementing Financial Algorithms on an Adiabatic Quantum Computer.”

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