1QBit Launches the Quantum Insights Network (QIN)

In 1QBit’s seven years of experience supporting the development of the quantum computing industry we have identified a gap that many organizations have in effectively understanding and adopting advanced computing technologies.

To help organizations that seek to understand the impact that advanced and quantum computing can have we have launched the Quantum Insights Network (QIN)www.QINby1QBit.com.

QIN is an expert network and unbiased educational content repository providing on-demand access to 1QBit’s 100+ Ph.D. and Master’s level researchers, software developers, and scientists.

Through ongoing engagement with QIN experts, members will be able to better grasp computing advancements to begin creating plans to identify practical use cases for these emerging technologies. QIN can also be of value to organizations that want to experiment with quantum computing services in 2020.

QIN’s educational content will include papers, videos, podcasts, and a quarterly journal with contributions from 1QBit, third-party experts, and early adopters of emerging computing technologies. Check out the first QIN paper: The 2020 Guide to Advanced & Quantum Computing.

For organizations that are further along in leveraging near-term quantum computing technologies, there is an opportunity to become a QIN Advising Partner, playing a role during expert-member engagements, and supporting QIN content development. QIN Advising Partners will also get the benefits of the membership at a discounted rate.

Lastly, stay tuned to our blog and the QIN site for announcements about the QIN Executive Council event that will bring together members, partners, and other influencers to discuss opportunities, challenges, and quantum computing trends.