1QBit QIN 2020 Prediction #1: The Increase of Hybrid Quantum-Classical Architectures

The 1QBit Quantum Insights Network (QIN) launched last week and released the QIN 2020 Guide to Quantum Computing. The focus of the guide is to help organizations start asking the right questions when deciding how to pursue advanced and quantum computing opportunities. One of the QIN predictions for 2020 is that hybrid quantum-classical algorithms will make the most of near-term devices.

Here is a snippet from the guide –

Hybrid architectures configured to support variational algorithms are often made available through the cloud with a variety of open source packages, such as Microsoft’s QDK and IBM’s Qiskit. The amount of documentation and educational material rendering these platforms more accessible for industry, academia, and for more technically inclined members of the general public is also increasing.

Read more about this and other QIN predictions in the 2020 Guide to Quantum Computing – https://qinby1qbit.com/2020-quantum-computing-guide/