1QBit’s Job-Shop Scheduling Paper Co-authored with NASA Presented at AQC 2015, Published

June 30, 2015

1QBit is pleased to be taking part in the Fourth Conference in Adiabatic Quantum Computing this week in Zurich. Our own Dominic Marchand has co-authored a paper with Davide Venturelli from the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab at NASA, titled Quantum Annealing Implementation of Job-Shop Scheduling, which was presented yesterday by Mr. Venturelli and was published today on the arXiv.

The job-shop scheduling paper co-authored with NASA and presented yesterday is more of the same quality results we have come to expect from 1QBit and our world class partners. As 1QBit continues to grow, we find ourselves deepening our research and industry relationships in pursuit of optimization software breakthroughs powered by quantum systems. This is an exciting time for quantum computing and this work will continue within both 1QBit and NASA’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab.”

– Andrew Fursman, CEO and Co-founder, 1QBit

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