The 7th Annual Stevens Conference on High Frequency Finance and Analytics

October 12, 2016

1QBit will be speaking on November 4, 2016 at the 7th Annual Stevens Conference on High Frequency Finance and Analytics on Redefining Finance Problems with Quantum Tools. Maxwell Rounds, 1QBit Finance Specialist, will present research and applications of quantum software tools at the Big Data Presentation session. Application examples will include minimum variance portfolio construction using the Quantum-Ready Hierarchical Risk Parity (QHRP) algorithm which utilizes a type of clustering from unsupervised machine learning to increase the robustness of the out-of-sample results. QHRP uses a quantum solver to form a tree-like hierarchy of stocks from the investable pool. From this hierarchy, the algorithm builds a portfolio using a minimum variance calculation at each level. By traversing up the three from the lowest branches, we obtain a portfolio composed of all of the assets in the investable pool while utilizing the data’s structure to lower risk.  

2016 HF Conference Program