BlueYard x Google Quantum AI Lab event: Quantum Leap

May 3, 2017

1QBit’s CEO Andrew Fursman has been invited to participate in and speak at the BlueYard x Google Quantum AI Lab event: Quantum Leap, on June 22nd in Munich.

The BlueYard Conversation will be invite-only and limited to 75 people. Early confirmed attendees include the founders, CEOs and key executives from quantum startups such as Rigetti, D-Wave, IonQ, 1QBit, Cambridge Quantum Computing, QxBranch, QCWare, ID Quantique, Turing Quantum Inc.; large technology and industrial companies readying to harness the potential of quantum computing such as Accenture, Airbus, Amazon, ATOS, Bosch, Google, IBM, Microsoft, VW, Siemens; investors such as Goldman Sachs, Lightspeed, Khosla Ventures and Atomico; as well as some of the world’s leading research institutes in the field such as Cambridge, QuTech, MIT, Max Planck, Delft and UTS. This event will connect entrepreneurs directly with enterprises, researchers, government funding agencies and investors.

BlueYard x Google Quantum AI Lab: Quantum Leap Overview