1QBit engages with a global community of professionals, scientists, developers, academics, and hardware engineers who are passionate about applying advances in computation to solve optimization, sampling, and machine learning problems.

1QBit is a thought leader in the quantum software sector. We actively collaborate with Fortune 500 companies, research laboratories, and the world’s leading hardware providers to develop novel solutions to industry problems and conduct research useful to the broader community. We are empowering our partners with the foundational tools and expertise necessary to access and harness the power of quantum systems. Our collective future will be shaped by the ability to create entirely new possibilities for information processing. 1QBit is dedicated to providing the global community with the technology and expertise to build novel applications that create value across industries.

QUANTUM FOR QUANTS is a community focused on fostering education, discussion, and collaboration to advance the identification and understanding of solutions to open problems in the finance industry using quantum processors. We provide this community with access to an interactive notebook that facilitates experimentation and development with 1QBit’s software development kit.

“It's a game changer for the corporation, it's a game changer for the customers, and ultimately it's a game changer for humanity. Computationally this is the equivalent of the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk.”

– Greg Tallant, Lockheed Martin