An Intimate Talk with Machine Learning Leaders

October 26, 2016

The Vancouver Entrepreneurs Forum and Science World is hosting leading experts in a conversation on how machine learning is changing the way we live on November 1st. 1QBit Applied Researcher Jaspreet Oberoi will join panelists Georgie Rose Founder CTO D-Wave, Jeff Herbst VP Business Development Nvidia, Toufic Boubez VP Engineering Splunk, Mike Gelbart Machine Learning Lecturer UBC, and moderator Moe Kermani Managing Partner Vanedge Capital to discuss: What is hype and what is reality in Machine Learning? How will businesses be impacted? and Where will the talent for this industry come from?
Following the panel discussion, Jaspreet will present on the topic of Leveraging Quantum Computing for Machine Learning.

VEF: An Intimate Talk with Machine Learning Leaders