New Board Member Appointed

June 11, 2015

1QBit is pleased to welcome Bluford (Blu) Putnam to the Board of Directors. Blu is CME Group’s Chief Economist and Managing Director of the Strategic Intelligence & Analytics team. He has more than thirty-five years of experience in the financial services industry, with concentrations in central banking, investment research, and portfolio management.

“CME and 1QBit are continuing to deepen our collaborative relationship. 1QBit’s appointment of Blu to the Board of Directors recognizes the strong contribution CME has made to 1QBit’s growth, and Blu’s leadership of CME’s intelligence and analytics team makes him a natural connection point between our two organizations. We are honoured to gain Blu’s experience and insight and look forward to bringing 1QBit’s expertise deeper in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group.”

– Andrew Fursman, CEO and Co-founder, 1QBit

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