Andrew Milne

Product Lead, Finance

Andrew leads 1QBit’s product development for the financial services industry, and is a co-creator of the CME Market Sentiment Meter.  Prior to joining 1QBit, he held the position of Director, Algorithmic Engineering and Advanced Technology for the New York Mercantile Exchange, and Senior Director in both Enterprise Architecture and Emerging Technology for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.  He has received 13 U.S. Patents in electronic trading technology, most as sole or lead inventor.

Andrew has a Master’s Degree in Engineering Physics from the University of British Columbia.  He is also a licensed Professional Engineer (Quebec). His publications cover a range of topics, from the design of radio and television facilities to the use of quantum computers in calculating credit scores.

Asked to describe his personal interests, Andrew replied that it was possible to do so, but that it might take some time.  He did say, however, that he didn’t understand why everyone else could grow rosemary so much more successfully than he could.