Herman Ho

Head, 1Qloud

Herman is responsible for the 1QBit 1Qloud platform, which enables companies to create novel solutions to difficult, real world problems without the need to own a quantum computer. He leads a team of developers and customer solutions personnel that help our clients access and implement our cloud-based services.

Herman studied Biology and Computer Science at the University of Toronto. From there, Herman worked at various startups and larger companies as a software developer until he joined the exciting world of investment banking in Hong Kong as a software developer, specializing in high-frequency algorithmic trading in equities technology. In a twist of fate, he moved back to Canada—this time to Vancouver, entranced by the mountains and sea. While not at work, Herman can be found learning about vastly random things like technology, socio-political influences on economics, and, perhaps most importantly, how his Transformers collection looks.