Our Process

We devote our time and expertise to understanding the intricacies of how to use the world’s most advanced quantum computing technology, so you don’t have to.

Our interdisciplinary teams work directly with industry-leading organizations to match their most challenging computational problems to the quantum and classical architectures that can solve them most effectively.

We bridge the gap between the underlying hardware and the custom applications used in industry, by providing an API that is built on our hardware-agnostic platform which manages the complexities of interfacing with multiple types of specialized hardware. Our researchers and software developers work closely with the world’s most advanced quantum and classical computing hardware providers to develop the tools and techniques required for applications to interface with their architectures.

The foundation of our process is based in the fundamental research our mathematicians, physicists, engineers, operations research scientists, and computer scientists perform to develop the most effective methods for using the latest quantum and classical processors. Our research spans the entire development stack, ranging from methods for improving the performance of quantum chips, to designing the optimal cloud computing architecture for providing quantum systems as a utility, to developing methods to decompose a problem and optimizing the set of processors that can most effectively solve each component.  


1QBit works directly with our industry partners to understand the nature of their high-value problems. Our professional services teams identify which problem components can be matched to each available processing option.


We reformulate problems so that they can run on quantum hardware. By examining the problem through a different lens, the results often lead to significant improvements over the best current classical method.  


We benchmark the algorithms that describe industry problems on all applicable solvers and identify which delivers the best results today, while identifying which quantum architectures will be able to deliver improved results as their respective capabilities scale.


Our software development team delivers the reformulated solution as an API endpoint which our industry partners integrate into their existing applications.


1QBit’s APIs are built on our hardware-agnostic platform, allowing them to continuously benefit from both the improvements we make to the underlying algorithms and the integration of advancements in classical and quantum hardware. The result is that our partners do not have to buy new hardware or worry about refactoring their applications to receive the best available computational solutions to their most challenging problems.



“1QBit facilitates your transition into the world of quantum computing.”

– Maliheh Aramon, 1QBit Researcher