Quantum Computing for Quantitative Finance: Online Community Launched by 1QBit, D-Wave Systems, and World’s Top Finance Experts

May 10, 2016

In a joint press release by 1QBit, D-Wave Systems, and financial industry experts, including Marcos de López de Prado, Senior Managing Director at Guggenheim Partners and a Research Fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Computational Research Division, the joint launch of the Quantum for Quants online community was announced today at the Global Derivatives Trading & Risk Management conference in Budapest. Quantum for Quants is a community designed specifically for quantitative analysts and other experts focused on complex problems in finance. The 1QBit team is excited to see the ideas that the community generates, especially ones that result from community members’ exploration of the interactive notebook the team has released through its website. The interactive notebook offers a sample of the functionality and capabilities made possible by 1QBit’s quantum-ready software development kit.

Sharing the tools we’ve built [through the interactive notebook] with the community will create a better understanding of how quantum computing can be applied to finance, and in turn will inspire the development of additional tools that enable these new applications.”

– Landon Downs, President and Co-founder, 1QBit, in press release

When we find problems being discussed and vetted in the [Quantum for Quants] forums that we believe are a good fit for D-Wave’s quantum technology, we can identify them as candidates for transition from the simulators to a D-Wave system.”

– Vern Brownell, CEO, D-Wave Systems, in press release

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