Synergy between Quantum Computing and High-Performance Computing workshop at CECAM

July 21, 2017

1QBit Research Lead Pooya Ronagh will be attending the Synergy between Quantum Computing and High-Performance Computing workshop at CECAM-ETHZ in Zurich, Switzerland on August 22nd–24th, 2017.

The quantum information and HPC communities have proceeded thus far on mostly independent tracks, but more recently, bridging works such as this one are appearing. Such works address the development of quantum machine learning algorithms that may revolutionize materials design and genomics, the application of a quantum annealer for a proof-of-concept molecular dynamics simulation and for transcription factor-DNA binding specificity, the integration of quantum processing units in current and future HPC systems and the solution of quantum algorithms on classical HPC platforms, and the implementation of quantum chemistry on quantum computers.

This workshop will bring together the two communities to discuss their specific expertise and to outline the bridges that will eventually identify: (1) the future role of quantum technologies in scientific fields where HPC is currently dominant; (2) the use of existing HPC platforms to demonstrate the potentialities of future quantum technologies to simulate materials and biological systems. The ideas discussed in the workshop will be the basis of a wider brainstorming to identify the synergy between HPC and quantum technologies at the European level and worldwide, possibly identifying HPC tasks in the Quantum Flagship.

Fellow participants and organizers include Ivano Tavernelli, IBM-Zurich Research, Switzerland; Daniel Lidar, USC, USA; Seth Lloyd, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA; and Matthias Troyer, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ), Switzerland.

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