1QBit provides our industry-leading clients and partners with custom-tailored solutions to high-value optimization, sampling, and machine learning problems. We’ve collaborated with Fortune 500 companies and government organizations facing a wide range of challenges. While our solutions have wide applicability, our focus has been on applying them within finance, energy, and the life sciences.

1QBit’s expertise and IP span the entire development stack ranging from methods for improving the performance of quantum chips to designing the optimal cloud computing architecture for providing quantum systems as a utility. Our core services build on 1QBit’s products to develop new methods for solving our partners’ highest-value problems. These problems are defined through a collaborative discovery process. 1QBit™ solutions are delivered in the form of quantum-ready™ software that is capable of leveraging quantum chips as coprocessors that offload calculations poorly suited to classical hardware.

1QBit works with our partners’ internal teams in a three-stage process: quantum-readiness assessments, proof-of-concept prototyping, and software pilot projects.

Software products resulting from each service engagement become valuable tools that will benefit our client organizations now and long into the future. 1QBit refers to this development approach as quantum-ready because it prepares our partners to take advantage of the forthcoming benefits of quantum processors with techniques that can be run today on local servers, in the cloud, and on classical supercomputers.

We welcome new opportunities to collaborate with industry leaders and redefine their approach to intractable problems.

Quantum-readiness assessments

These assessments prepare our partners for the availability of quantum processors. We identify opportunities for our partners to apply quantum processors in their business and to lead in areas that are going to be disrupted by the advent of quantum information processing.

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Proof-of-concept prototyping

Prototyping demonstrates the ability of quantum processors to tackle specific problems with quantum-ready algorithms. These software prototypes validate the opportunities discovered during quantum-readiness assessments and form the foundation of our software pilot projects.

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Software pilot projects

Pilots take proof-of-concept algorithms and create software products deployable on both classical and quantum processors. Benchmarking these products can identify the precise scale of processors necessary to achieve superior results in each application. Meanwhile, 1QBit’s quantum-ready architecture allows for immediate use on classical resources to address problems with the best available heuristic solutions.

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“By and large, I rejected many interesting paths to portfolio optimization and risk management just because they were incredibly hard to solve, if not impossible, with the tools at hand. It is a mind-set change to now seek out the nearly impossible to solve problems with quantum computing, rather than to avoid them as a waste of research.”

– Bluford Putnam, Chief Economist and Head of Data Science Operations, CME