We believe in the confluence of teams and individuals, of expertise and the beginner’s mindset, of human creativity and machine learning, of open technology and proprietary tools, of focused work and the freedom to play.

Be one of the first in the world to apply your thinking and expertise to quantum hardware, not just in theory but in practice. Work with a multidisciplinary team of leading quantum computing practitioners to develop new algorithms and a software platform that enables the development of applications for the world’s most advanced quantum and classical computing devices.

We welcome everyone at 1QBit to hold themselves and each other to the following creed:

  • Principles not policies enable individuals and teams to apply their unique lens in making decisions.
  • An ownership mindset fosters a flat hierarchy of empowered individuals.
  • Rigorous examination of thoughts and work by diverse minds from multiple disciplines uncovers deeper insights and produces robust results.
  • There is no failure in exploration: new breakthroughs often require rigorous examination of multiple paths before a conclusion is reached.
  • Apply yourself to purposeful work that is inspiring, meaningful, and fun, to create value for the world by advancing the ability to solve complex problems.


We operate in a hybrid environment that blends the best characteristics of business and academia to expedite the process of bringing ideas from the theoretical realm into the applied world. We believe that you should be able to apply your degree in the area you studied and that research informed by industry knowledge is how breakthroughs are created. Come help us architect the foundation of the quantum ecosystem.

“1QBit is a rapidly growing company taking advantage of the most innovative findings in quantum computing. We contribute to the design of this fairly new field. The company is very flexible and is able to give answers to any questions raised by new technologies in quantum computing. However, we always have a classical solution of a problem as a reference point.”

– Anna Levit, 1QBit Researcher


We operate in an intellectually free yet challenging environment where you can pursue your ideas and make them a reality alongside some of the brightest minds. The projects we tackle are vast in scope, ranging from conducting fundamental research to developing low-level tools to building software platforms. It’s because of this that we require open collaboration among an array of disciplines to achieve success. Our collaborations often extend beyond the walls of 1QBit and involve working with Fortune 500 companies, leading research laboratories, universities, and hardware developers.

“At 1QBit, we value constant growth and learning, we work collaboratively, and we are transparent and open in sharing information.”

– Maliheh Aramon, 1QBit Researcher


We operate in an Agile team structure where you largely drive your own schedule and projects.

At 1QBit we use an Agile toolkit to promote visibility, efficient communication, and active collaboration. Research and software development have unique tempos and requirements, so we tailor our processes to support both activities through core Agile principles.

We strive to create new opportunities for you to pioneer scientific breakthroughs and earn yourself and the team a spot in the history books.

“I work right above the quantum hardware developing software at the core of the organization. This requires not only a strong technical background, but also the aptitude for gaining knowledge and solving problems which haven’t been solved yet.”

– Sidharth Jha, 1QBit Software Developer


We do serious scientific and pioneering work at 1QBit but don’t take ourselves too seriously. We encourage collaboration regardless of whether you’re in our open-concept office, on our sunny patio, at home, or abroad. We stay connected through progressive tools like Slack and JIRA but aren’t afraid to replace them if they no longer suit our needs. We strive for transparency, answering questions as they arise, and provide the same monthly updates to the team that we provide to our board. We tackle developments in our field through active debates and lunch-and-learn sessions hosted by different team members. And… when the sun is shining we take the conversation outside for a barbecue on our patio.

“Every day brings a different challenge, but we deal with them all in a similar way: we read, think, talk, code, and repeat!”

– Maritza Hernandez, 1QBit Researcher


We appreciate that breakthroughs aren’t predictable and that time in the office doesn’t always equate to progress. 1QBit strives to provide a balanced schedule, offering flexible hours, extended long-weekends in the summer, and a conveniently located office in the heart of downtown Vancouver just footsteps from public transportation. We encourage use of the bike lockers and shower facilities in the building, and getting involved in extracurricular actives with your coworkers.

“Why am I proud to work at 1QBit? My daughter knows that her dad, at work, uses quantum mechanics and mathematics to try to help cure cancer.”

– Raouf Dridi, 1QBit Researcher