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Life at 1QBit

What’s It like to Work at 1QBit?

Working at 1QBit means being part of a team of talented individuals dedicated to solving the world’s most intractable challenges. You’ll be working alongside chemists, software developers, research scientists, and professionals from a variety of other industries.

Joining 1QBit will allow you to do highly meaningful work that will contribute to innovations in the quantum computing space. You’ll have the opportunity to work on industry-leading projects, experiment with new ideas, and be a part of a culture of innovation.

Our Commitment to Diversity

1QBit is committed to building a diverse team and fostering an environment that encourages inclusivity. We welcome people with different backgrounds, abilities, experiences, and perspectives.

Our Innovative Culture Is Built on Five Guiding Principles


Individual and Team Commitment

Understanding our dual role as an individual contributor and a team player


Support and Encouragement

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts


Radical Responsibility

We own what we do


Spirit of Community

We have each other’s back; fun and laughter is good for our psyche


Trust and Candour

We can handle the truth; managers and employees alike offer the “why” along with the “what” and “how”

What’s It like to Grow Your Career at 1QBit?

1QBit is committed to fostering an environment where employees can grow their careers with us. How do we do this? We provide many opportunities for growth, advancement, and learning through:


As a company where many of our leaders started as interns, we see internships as a way to discover talented students and help them start their careers after graduation.

Career Development Plans

At 1QBit, you can expect to grow your career with us. We work with you to understand your career goals and develop a plan to help you achieve those goals, whether it be through mentorship, courses, or on-the-job training.

Career progression at 1QBit also goes hand in hand with salary progression. We seek to provide competitive pay that is delivered through equitable pay practices and recognizes career progression.

Project Assignments and Secondments

We work in a flexible team environment where movement to other teams through project assignments and secondments is encouraged when opportunities arise.

Performance Feedback

Our leaders take their role as mentors and coaches very seriously. We have a clear performance management system that includes monthly 1:1 sessions where you can speak openly with your manager about your challenges, wins, and ideas.