1QBit solves industry’s most demanding computational challenges by recasting problems to harness the power of advanced computing.
1QBit whiteboard drawings for quantum algorithms


We identify intractable industry problems and build the software necessary to harness the best classical and quantum hardware technologies to solve them.

Technology is continually scaling, and we believe applications should be built to scale alongside it. 1QBit is dedicated to solving industry’s most demanding computational challenges by building software that allows applications to continually benefit from advances in both quantum and classical hardware.

1QBit redefines intractable problems by reframing them to achieve superior results using the most effective quantum and classical processors built to date. We work with our partners to build industry applications on our hardware-agnostic platform to produce the best available results today, while continually improving these results through the ability to switch the underlying solver as new releases and hardware architectures are developed.


1QBit’s hardware-agnostic platforms and services future-proof our partners by enabling their applications to continually improve alongside advancements in both classical and quantum processors.

1QBit partners with Fortune 500 clients and leading hardware providers to solve industry problems in the areas of optimization, simulation, and machine learning. 1QBit’s team of researchers, industry specialists, and software developers understand the unique strengths of each type of classical and quantum computing architecture and identify problems within industry that are well-suited to benefit from these new approaches to processing. We work with our clients to develop novel approaches to applications using a quantum lens. We build the resulting solutions on top of our hardware-agnostic platform so that the applications improve alongside advances in both classical and quantum computing architectures.

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Photo of 1QBs at work


We are a diverse team of inquisitive technology experts who collaboratively explore new methods of computation because we love the challenges and understand the rewards.

We are an interdisciplinary team of world-class mathematicians, physicists, chemists, engineers, operations research scientists, software developers, and advanced computing experts. We share a curiosity and drive to uncover new ways of solving currently intractable problems using advanced classical and quantum systems.

“The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.”

Albert Einstein

The tools people use shape the way they view challenges.
Revisiting old problems with an understanding of the next generation of computational tools enables the discovery of better solutions and uncovers entirely new opportunities.