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The 1Qloud™ platform is a computational bridge that connects intractable industry problems to novel quantum-inspired optimization solutions that utilize the most advanced hardware.

Our unique hardware-agnostic approach enables operations researchers, data scientists, and developers to harness the power of advanced computing resources and novel algorithms without the need to learn the intricacies of each individual hardware platform or to manage complex and expensive computing infrastructure.

Route, schedule, plan, assign, pack, and solve the most complex optimization problems harnessing the power of quantum-inspired computing. One cloud to rule them all!

What Can I Use 1Qloud For?

Discover New Drugs

The 1QBit Graph-Based Molecular Similarity (GMS) tool is being used by pharmaceutical companies to perform virtual screening and assist in drug discovery. This tool outperforms current techniques, such as fingerprints, in achieving higher retrieval rates in virtual screening.

Optimize Portfolios

1QBit Quantum-Inspired Hierarchical Risk Parity (QHRP) method for optimizing portfolios uses quantum-inspired technology and advanced hardware accelerators to outperform conventional methods with respect to a variety of risk measures in addition to lowering susceptibility to inaccuracies in the input data.

Route & Schedule

Leverage 1QBit's Advanced Routing and Scheduling Platform to harness quantum-inspired hardware and novel formulations to solve your complex mobility problems, optimize your manufacturing tasks, or improve your home healthcare scheduling.

Many industries can greatly benefit from harnessing the power of specialized quantum-inspired hardware to solve the most challenging optimization problems: life sciences, advanced materials, aerospace, finance, logistics, automotive, and telecommunications. The 1Qloud™ platform is designed with the needs of operations researchers, data scientists, and developers in mind, and we are committed to delivering the most powerful, comprehensive, and easy to use solution.

The 1Qloud™ Platform

1Qloud™ Platform Benefits

High-performance cloud-based solution that scales up to meet your computational demands.

Reduces the need to manage complex and expensive computing infrastructure in your data centre.

Novel quantum-inspired optimization solvers developed by a world-leading team of optimization experts with an in-depth knowledge of quantum computers and algorithms.

Modular and extensible architecture allows to easily add new and powerful algorithms as they get rigorously benchmarked by our research team and validated using real-world problems from our customers.

Seamless integration with special-purpose hardware accelerators.

Removes the need to commit to one particular hardware technology in this rapidly evolving hardware landscape in the post Moore’s law era, future-proofing your business and preparing it for the quantum computing revolution.

Our platform makes quantum and quantum-inspired technology accessible.

Intuitive and easy to use Python SDK, gRPC, and REST API interfaces, comprehensive documentation, and interactive notebooks allow you to get started in no time and rapidly progress towards more advanced scenarios.

Coming Soon: Hyperparameter Optimization and Benchmarking Framework

Intelligent, automated parameter tuning, and benchmarking framework guarantees that your optimization problems are solved in the most efficient way.

Let Us Help With Your Industry Problems

  • “1QBit’s cloud provides a developer friendly toolkit to rapidly test and deliver cutting edge applications.”

    Max Howard, Digital Integration Consultant, Accenture

  • “This strategic investment and partnership will enable our customers to use 1QBit’s software platform and deep expertise in leveraging the most advanced hardware systems, including our digital annealer, to rapidly develop improved applications for solving sampling, optimization, and machine learning problems.”

    Naoko Yoshizawa, Head of AI Platform Business, Fujitsu

  • “We’re really excited about the possibilities that quantum computing presents us with. Given our first application of quantum-inspired computing power has been so successful we think the technology could be applied to many other calculations and problems the bank faces on a daily basis.

    Kevin Hanley, Director of Innovation, NatWest

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