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Connect your innovative hardware to real-world industry problems using the 1Qloud™ platform.

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Redefine Intractable With Us

1QBit develops solutions to industry’s most demanding computational challenges by recasting problems to harness the power of classical and quantum computing. We partner with Fortune 500 clients and leading hardware providers to solve industry problems in the areas of optimization, simulation, and machine learning.

The World Economic Forum named 1QBit a global Technology Pioneer in recognition of our leadership and ability to impact the world.

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Work With a World-Class Team

Our cross-functional team has a proven track record of adding value for our partners throughout the entire hardware lifecycle, from the research lab to commercialization. 

Our in-depth expertise in hardware accelerators, quantum and quantum-inspired computing, and real-world industry applications are guaranteed to shorten your research & development cycle and to maximize the relevance of your innovative hardware to commercial use cases.  

We partner with Fortune 100 companies and startups alike, across all phases of hardware development.

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Global Reach and Community

1QBit is a trusted technology partner to global enterprise customers and a strategic advisor in their exploration of quantum and quantum-inspired technologies.

1Qloud is a unified platform that customers rely on to solve their most computationally demanding optimization problems and your innovative hardware can be an integral part of it.

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