Google Sprints Ahead in AI Building Blocks by Giving Away TensorFlow

July 18, 2016
Google’s TensorFlow software simplifies the programming of key systems that underpin artificial intelligence. By making this for the most part open and free, Google has created a lead in the space which will be very difficult for their competitors to close despite only having a six-month head start.
Google uses TensorFlow to help make its products smarter and more responsive, and now these same tools are making it dramatically easier for other companies to create computer programs that learn and improve automatically.
Since its emergence, TensorFlow has become the most popular AI programming project on software code sharing service GitHub, leapfrogging over well-regarded systems created by universities and corporate rivals, according to data gathered by Bloomberg.

“Google made the software free so it could give the community a useful tool ‘and everyone could standardize on that,’ said Corrado, a senior research scientist at Google. ‘In a giant green field, trying to build a fence around the next blade of grass is really absurdist. It’s really better to help everybody run into that field.’ ”


Bloomberg Article