Microsoft Partners with 1QBit, Honeywell, IonQ, and QCI on Azure Quantum

Today, Microsoft Quantum announced Azure Quantum, a full-stack, open cloud ecosystem that will bring the benefits of quantum computing to people and organizations around the world.

The announcement highlighted the work done by partners such as 1QBit, Honeywell, IonQ, and QCI.

“Recently, Microsoft partnered with 1QBit and IonQ to demonstrate end-to-end quantum computing in Azure Quantum. The team collaborated with Dow and identified a problem in which the molecular energy of a ring of hydrogen atoms had to be evaluated. Using 1QBit’s problem decomposition solution expressed in Q#, the team was able to run computation in Azure against IonQ’s quantum computer based on trapped ions. This demonstrates how Azure Quantum can start to fuel innovations across the quantum stack – from applications and algorithms down to simulators and hardware. By bringing these end-to-end capabilities into one platform, the quantum community will be able to unlock new solutions that scale to even greater impact in the future.”


More information on the work 1QBit has done with Microsoft is available here.

Read the full Azure Quantum announcement here.