The Robots Are Coming

October 7, 2016
The World Economic Forum’s Economic Summit India was host to many conversations on the future of technology and its implications on the India and global workforce. Central to this dialogue was the panel session on India’s Fourth Industrial Revolution moderated by Time Magazine’s Nikhil Kumar, with the Minister of Railways, Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, GE Vice-Chairman John Rice, Pranay Jivrajka from Ola Cabs, and Landon Downs, President of 1QBit.
Mint, one of India’s business daily newspapers, covered panelists’ views on robots, big data, and how our ability to manage data digitally will both disrupt current jobs and create new skilled services opportunities for India.  

“According to Landon Downs, president and co-founder, 1QB Information Technologies, as quantum computers mature, there is going to be a huge surge of demand for people who are going to programme those kinds of systems.

‘Today, since it is a relatively new field, there are very few people doing that. It presents tremendous opportunity for India’s population as it has a very large IT-savvy workforce. If they engage with things like big data and quantum computing, they can really create a lot of opportunities,’ he said.”

– Armit Raj, The robots are coming, warns Suresh Prabhu, Mint

Mint Article: The Robots are coming, warns Suresh Prabhu  |  WEF India’s Fourth Industrial Revolution Panel Video