Empowering Frontline Clinicians with XrAI

At the 106th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), 1QBit showcased XrAI, an AI-powered clinical support and workflow solution with the potential to set a new standard for world-class health care and transform the practice of radiology. This solution empowers frontline clinicians to improve their capability to identify abnormalities and provide better patient care, especially in remote communities where radiology expertise is not available.

“As a practicing radiologist, I feel confident and proud to have XrAI as my trusted second set of eyes because it makes me better at my job—more consistent in observing things in an image and more in control, which is better for my patient and the referring clinician.” — Dr. Deepak Kaura, Chief Medical Officer, 1QBit

XrAI has been designed as a trusted AI co-pilot for diagnostic decision-making in radiology. This ground-breaking tool is an AI assistant for clinicians that provides immediate analysis of chest radiographs, enhancing the accuracy of medical assessments and empowering clinicians with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their decisions are supported by state-of-the-art AI analysis.

XrAI uses deep learning to classify and highlight regions of abnormality in chest X-ray images. The algorithm was trained on hundreds of thousands of cases taken from anonymized radiograph images, covering different medical conditions across geographically and demographically diverse populations, so clinicians can trust that the analysis provided is based on robust scientific principles.

Dr. Deepak Kaura, MD, FRCPC, MBA

Deepak Kaura, Chief Medical Officer, 1QBit

Dr. Deepak Kaura, MD, FRCPC, MBA, is a pediatric interventional radiologist and Chief Medical Officer at 1QBit. His visionary and inspirational leadership of the 1QBit Health Care Team has been critical in the team’s development of ground-breaking advanced artificial intelligence solutions. Dr. Kaura says about XrAI, “As a practicing radiologist, I feel confident and proud to have XrAI as my trusted second set of eyes because it makes me better at my job—more consistent in observing things in an image and more in control, which is better for my patient and the referring clinician.”

As the demands in the field of diagnostic imaging studies continue to increase, frontline clinicians who use XrAI are empowered in their ability to identify lung and pleural anomalies more efficiently, assisting them in providing better patient care. This solution can reduce the number of cases where a clinician misses something significant in making a diagnosis. Specifically, medical conditions like COVID-19, tuberculosis, and pneumonia can be identified more accurately and expediently.

close up of male doctor holding x-ray or roentgen image

Clinicians who use XrAI will benefit from the ease with which 1QBit’s suite of AI radiology tools are incorporated into their workflow. XrAI is integrated with multiple PACS and is showcased with the Exa Platform from Konica Minolta. It provides workflow efficiency by delivering its findings, including the level of confidence in those findings, directly within a clinician’s standard radiology viewer. Little to no special training is required to use XrAI and features such as the confidence dial provide a high level of transparency, allowing a practitioner to increase or decrease the confidence level in the identified potential abnormalities.

XrAI has already been shown to result in successful outcomes. It has been tested on publicly available data and in a randomized control trial in Canada. This solution improved physicians’ accuracy in identifying multiple types of lung abnormalities in chest X-ray images across a variety of physician groups. 

XrAI has been approved by Health Canada as a Class III Certified Medical Device to support health providers in the fight against COVID-19. With XrAI as a trusted partner in diagnosis, clinicians can provide better care and create more positive outcomes for patients.

An AI companion who assists doctors might sound like something out of science fiction, but it is now a reality that any clinicians who want to elevate their level of care can easily integrate into their workflows. XrAI is the co-pilot every radiologist can count on to support their decisions and improve patient outcomes. For radiologists, the future of health care has arrived. 

View the XrAI brochure and watch a short video on XrAI. Visit 1QBit Health Care and follow us on social media.

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