1QBit Contributes to the Upcoming Open Source Release of Microsoft’s Quantum Development Kit

The Microsoft Quantum team announced today that they will fully open-source their Quantum Development Kit, including the Q# compiler and quantum simulators, this summer with the goal of making quantum computing more accessible. With increased accessibility, Microsoft Quantum hopes to further the progress developers can make towards solving the world’s most demanding computational challenges.

As part of the announcement, Microsoft highlighted 1QBit’s contribution of two important code samples that are particularly relevant to advanced materials and quantum chemistry research and will be available in the coming months.

The announcement from Microsoft Quantum can be found here.

“Our approach to solving intractable industry problems requires new types of scalable software tools, and the Quantum Development Kit offers that and supports us in every step of our development process. We’re excited to contribute two important code samples to accelerate advanced materials and quantum chemistry research, including one focusing on Variational-Quantum-Eigensolver (VQE) and another which demonstrates density matrix embedding theory (DMET) running on our platform, QEMIST.”

– Andrew Fursman, CEO, 1QBit