Artur Scherer

Lead, Research

Artur is a theoretical physicist with a research focus on quantum information science and technologies. He graduated with a physics degree from the University of Konstanz in Germany and received his PhD in theoretical quantum physics from the University of London in the UK. Before joining 1QBit, Artur had worked in Germany, Canada, the United States of America, and Australia, having held postdoctoral research positions at the Universities of Konstanz, Calgary, and the Macquarie University in Sydney, as well as a senior scientist position at a telecommunications and information research and engineering company called Applied Communication Sciences, previously the R&D division of Telcordia Technologies (whose origins are in Bell Labs), in New Jersey. Artur’s main research experience and activities are in the fields of quantum optics, quantum chaos, long-distance quantum communications, and quantum computing including quantum algorithms and their potential applications to complex real-world problems as well as analyzing the resources required to run them on actual quantum devices. Artur is optimistic that large-scale quantum computing and communication will become mainstream in the near future. At 1QBit, he is a member of the Hardware Innovation Team and also takes part in its partnership engagements within the Quantum Intelligence Lab research centre at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.