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Japan’s Nikkei Computer Interview with Landon Downs on Quantum Computing via Quantum Annealing and What’s Next for Quantum Software

May 31, 2016 1QBit co-founder and President Landon Downs was interviewed by Nikkei Computer during the 2016 Canadian-Japanese Scientific & Cultural Exchange Meeting on Quantum Computing via Quantum Annealing, which is taking place on May 30 – 31, 2016, in Tokyo. Nikkei Computer: What is the latest general business situation of D-Wave & 1QBit? Landon …

1QBit to Present at 2016 Canadian-Japanese Scientific and Cultural Exchange Meeting on Quantum Computing via Quantum Annealing

May 22, 2016

Given the rich heritage Canadian and Japanese scientists have in quantum annealing, the Embassy of Canada in Japan and the Government of the Province of British Columbia have announced a Scientific and Cultural Exchange Meeting on the topic of “Quantum Computing via Quantum Annealing”. The meeting is designed to foster closer ties between Canada and Japan in the interest of exploring the application of quantum annealing to challenging computational problems and to stimulate future developments of this exciting technology. There will be presentations by senior Canadian and Japanese government officials, representatives from Canadian companies including the CEO of D-Wave Systems and the President of 1QBit, as well as academics from Canadian and Japanese institutions with an interest in quantum computing.

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1QBit to Represent the Most Innovative Technology in B.C. at Korea Technology Investment Seminar

May 20, 2016

1QBit has been invited as one of five companies from British Columbia to represent the innovation and opportunities that exist for Korean investors in B.C. 1QBit President Landon Downs will speak alongside fellow founders Igor Smirnoff of PressReader and Howard Donaldson, CFO of VanEdge Capital, on a panel moderated by John C. H. Kim, Partner, Fasken Martineau following the opening remarks of Hon. Christy Clark, Premier of B.C. The meeting will take place on Wednesday, May 25, 2016 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul.

B.C. Office of the Premier post on B.C. Asia Trade Mission

Q&A on Financial Quantum Computing with Marcos López de Prado

May 11, 2016

1QBit Advisor Marcos López de Prado (Guggenheim Partners, Berkeley National Lab, Quantum for Quants) responded to questions today on quantum computing and finance at this year’s Global Derivatives quantitative finance conference in Budapest. He discussed how quantum computing can provide an edge over competition, and identified some immediate practical quantum computing applications in finance, among them option pricing of derivatives and multi-horizon portfolio optimization intractable to today’s supercomputers.

Q&A at Quantum for Quants link   |   Quantum for Quants website

Quantum Computing for Quantitative Finance: Online Community Launched by 1QBit, D-Wave Systems, and World’s Top Finance Experts

May 10, 2016

In a joint press release by 1QBit, D-Wave Systems, and financial industry experts, including Marcos de López de Prado, Senior Managing Director at Guggenheim Partners and a Research Fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Computational Research Division, the joint launch of the Quantum for Quants online community was announced today at the Global Derivatives Trading & Risk Management conference in Budapest. Quantum for Quants is a community designed specifically for quantitative analysts and other experts focused on complex problems in finance. The 1QBit team is excited to see the ideas that the community generates, especially ones that result from community members’ exploration of the interactive notebook the team has released through its website. The interactive notebook offers a sample of the functionality and capabilities made possible by 1QBit’s quantum-ready software development kit.

Sharing the tools we’ve built [through the interactive notebook] with the community will create a better understanding of how quantum computing can be applied to finance, and in turn will inspire the development of additional tools that enable these new applications.”

– Landon Downs, President and Co-founder, 1QBit, in press release

When we find problems being discussed and vetted in the [Quantum for Quants] forums that we believe are a good fit for D-Wave’s quantum technology, we can identify them as candidates for transition from the simulators to a D-Wave system.”

– Vern Brownell, CEO, D-Wave Systems, in press release

Quantum for Quants website   |   Interactive notebook for 1QBit’s SDK |   Press Release

1QBit Presenting Alongside Guggenheim Partners, NASA, and D-Wave at Global Derivatives Conference

May 8, 2016

1QBit President Landon Downs will join Marcos López de Prado (Guggenheim Partners), Davide Venturelli (NASA Ames), and Vern Brownell (D-Wave) in a presentation titled Quantum Solutions to Intractable Financial Problems at this year’s Global Derivatives quantitative finance conference on May 10th. The session will consist of a series of talks on quantum computing, how it is applied to artificial intelligence, and its implications for finance. 1QBit will be sharing applications of quantum processing for finance and 1QBit’s quantum-ready software development kit.

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1QBit Presenting at Bristol Quantum Information Technologies Workshop

March 28, 2016

1QBit will be presenting at the Bristol Quantum Information Technologies Workshop 2016 on April 8. 1QBit President Landon Downs has been invited to speak on two panels: Quantum Information and Computation and the Ethics of Quantum Technologies. Researcher Daniel Crawford will also be conducting a demonstration of 1QBit’s quantum-ready software development kit. Fellow participants at the workshop include Seth Lloyd from M.I.T. and Dave Wecker and Krysta Svore from Microsoft Research.

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1QBit at American Physical Society March Meeting 2016

January 12, 2016

1QBit’s research on the Cartesian product of complete graphs method of embedding problems on quantum processors has been accepted for presentation at the 2016 APS March Meeting. Applied Research Lead Arman Zaribafiyan will be giving a talk titled “Systematic and Deterministic Graph-Minor Embedding of Cartesian Products of Complete Graphs,” which is based on the paper co-authored with fellow 1QBit researchers Dominic Marchand and S. Saeed C. Rezaei. The presentation is part of the session Adiabatic Quantum Computation and Quantum Annealing: Energy Landscapes, Speedup and Embedding. The session will be chaired by Daniel Lidar, Director of the University of Southern California Center for Quantum Information Science & Technology, and will include research presentations from Hartmut Neven, Technical Lead Manager, Image Recognition at Google, on quantum annealing, as well as from Davide Venturelli, USRA Science Operations Manager, Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at NASA Ames, on embedding parameters.

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1QBit at SC15

November 6, 2015

1QBit Head of Research Dr. Phil Goddard will be speaking on Friday, November 20 at the Workshop on High Performance Computational Finance at SC15 (formerly “Supercomputing”), the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis. His talk, entitled Solving the Optimal Trading Trajectory Problem Using a Quantum Annealer is based on a paper of the same name co-authored with 1QBit researchers Gili Rosenberg and Poya Haghnegahdar, 1QBit Scientific Advisor Marcos López de Prado, Managing Director and Global Head of Market Modelling at Morgan Stanley Peter Carr, and Group Leader of the Scientific Data Management Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science) Kesheng Wu.

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1QBit Recognized as a Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

August 5, 2015
1QBit is thrilled to be recognized by the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneer award. The only Canadian company to receive the honour, 1QBit was chosen by a selection committee that includes academics, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and corporate executives, based on criteria that include innovation, potential impact, working prototype, viability, and leadership. As a member of the World Economic Forum, 1QBit will have access to the most influential and sought-after business and political network in the world. 1QBit will also be invited to the World Economic Forum’s “Summer Davos” in Dalian, China this September, and the January Annual Meeting in Davos.

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